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Cher lloyd dating aiden

They all returned for an encore of David Bowie’s Heroes, their chart-topping charity single.

As it reached a crescendo, confetti descended on the crowd, many of whom paused on their way out to purchase a £5 One Direction poster or £20 T-shirt.

After that, they stay pretty ambiguous about their relationship, exclusively on Twitter.

As you can see, they pretend they only are friends.

The mention of Zayn only (like it’s meant to protect him maybe) is also interesting.The main draw for the girl-dominated crowd were Cowell-mentored boy band One Direction. Hyperventilating ensued when they ran through the crowd.When cheekily cherubic heart-throb Harry Styles danced to the front, squeals reached fever pitch.Rapping Cher Lloyd, modeling new red hair, looked more at home, bouncing around leading slick dance routines.Shy Scouser Rebecca Ferguson got an affectionate reception, while her slinky soul and sophisticated look was a classy antidote to the Top Shop pop elsewhere.

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The merchandise sellers knew their market — judging by their stalls, you’d think this was a One Direction concert.

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