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From the outside, it looks just like plain vanilla Minecraft.There are no new blocks, items, entities or biomes - just two Potion effects.(Note that the resizing methods combine, so a Potion of Embiggening doesn't make you 4 times normal size, but 4 times the size you'd be without the potion effect.) Add Redstone Dust to extend the effect duration or add Glowstone Dust to make them Tier II.Turn them into Splash Potions with Gunpowder to throw them at mobs.Same with adventure maps, though I can't guarantee that later releases won't break them.I'd also like to see some maps that are like replicas of a Minecraft house or city at 8x scale, it would be fun to walk through at 8x size and feel "normal", and then at tiny size to feel microscopic (The "giant house" maps I've seen are usually much greater scale than that.) Here's an example of the kind of video I like to see: Gulliver v0.14.2 only works on Minecraft 1.6.2.Gulliver v0.14.1 only works on Minecraft 1.6.2 Mod Loader 1.6.2.

Players get to play in these game modes and compete against each other in mini-games.You can drink Milk or a Potion with the opposite resizing effect to remove the effect.Having a stack of Cyan Dye in your inventory will make you half your size, and a stack of Purple Dye (was Magenta Dye in versions 0.13.8 and older) will make you twice your size.You can have multiple stacks of dye to apply the resizing multiple times, so 3 stacks of Cyan Dye will make you 1/8 size, and 3 stacks of Purple Dye will make you 8 size.Applying dyes to Sheep and tame Wolves' collars will resize them too.

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Mini-games have a wide variety, often different and apart from each other.

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