Negative effects of interracial dating

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Negative effects of interracial dating

However, the 1980 census showed there were 613,000 interracial married couples in the United States, a sizable increase from the 310,000 counted by the census in 1970.

In 1980, 1.3 percent of the nation's 49 million married couples were interracial.

This is the question that is universally asked of those in interracial marriages, said Dr.

''Historically, the black-white interracial unions have been the most problematic, and they are still so today,'' said Dr. ''Certainly they've been studied the most.'' During the era of slavery, he said, ''the majority of unions were between white men and black women,'' the reverse of today's trend. Poussaint's study of children in interracial marriages where one parent is black suggest that ''they may be a more successful group in this society than has previously been believed,'' he said.However, they had experienced negative effects of being interracial children.Many of the subjects felt they were ''always being looked at or scrutinized,'' said Dr. Some had been teased by both black and white peers.Not only are they high achievers, but also socially they are adept at forming friendships with both black and white peers, Dr. He added, ''Their parents decided to give their best efforts to make sure these kids would be O.K.'' The children ''feel they are more tolerant, objective and nonjudgmental people,'' said Dr.

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The focus on these children parallels a new movement on the part of interracial families to join together in local support groups and regional self- help networks, in a time of growing tolerance toward intermarriage as measured by national public-opinion polls. Poussaint spoke of new research findings at a conference titled ''Children of Interracial Families,'' believed to be the first large national gathering to address the subject.

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