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If you can't stand the orgy of vulgar, provocative gags, then it's most advisable that you leave this game on the shelf.If the series leaves you indifferent but you love a good RPG, Stick of Truth will have enough to charm you with its many features.All hail the Stick of Truth, and all hail this game - the greatest South Park game ever created!It must be said that competition wasn't especially fierce, the cartoon from Trey Parker and Matt Stone hasn't exactly been inundated with anything other than mediocre titles.It's best to avoid this game if that sort of humor is too much for you!Beyond the storyline, South Park: The Stick of Truth is above all a great role game masterfully developed by Obsidian entertainment.But we did expect this to be a success from Obsidian Entertainment (the developers behind Fallout New Vegas and Star Wars: KOTOR II), and we were not disappointed!View full description All hail the Stick of Truth, and all hail this game - the greatest South Park game ever created!

This little thread is the fort for ideas, voice actors, artists and maybe even muscicians who want to participate or contribute to a little South Park dating sim I'm in the progress of creating.Finally, note that the huge game map is faithfully transcribed from the town of South Park (even offering a foray into Canada! All the locations from the series are present, as well as the characters.The attention to detail is pushed, even if (regrettably) the image refresh rate is limited (capped at 30 frames per second in order to adapt to the television screens of game consoles) and the invisible walls that dot the town of South Park do force you to take certain pre-determined paths.Fans of the series will be immediately familiar with the plot and the game world and will cackle with glee from the first moment.For others, be warned: South Park is vulgar, provocative, sometimes insulting, and relies heavily on toilet humor.

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And if, finally, you're an avid fan of the series, then why are you still reading this review?